My passion is creation, and I have been creating art for the last 30 years.  From a young age, I discovered my innate talent for interpreting the world around me and conveying it through various media.  As a military wife on the move, I have had the benefit of sampling numerous and diverse cultures and environments which have all had an additive effect on the depth of my art.  I have traveled the world collecting influential experiences which color and inform all my pieces.  As an engaged and active mother of three, I have been able to tap into those unique emotions that motherhood endows.  More importantly, my daughters remind me to view the world with their eyes…new, exciting, and completely possible.

From an academic standpoint, I have studied art at Arizona State University and Monterey Peninsula College, and I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Eastern Michigan University.  Experientially, I have canvassed Italy and France, sketching and painting with other celebrated artists, I’ve sailed the waters of the Alaskan coast, capturing the landscape and wildlife in imaginative ways, and I’ve crisscrossed this great nation of ours, often creating art from the window of a recreational vehicle.  I spent three years living and working in Carmel, California…an idyllic artists’ haven nestled among the Cypress trees of the Monterey coast.  It was here that I studied under the distinguished guidance of Cyndra and Delia Bradford, Jeff Daniel Smith, Ann Elizabeth Thierman, Tom Birmingham, and Erin Lee Gafill – all accomplished masters of their craft.  Also, I taught children’s art classes at the prestigious Carmel River School, and was featured in a Carmel Valley art gallery.

My art has been collected nationally and internationally.  I have pieces represented from as far away as Germany and as close to home as next door.  Clint and Dina Eastwood have purchased three of my paintings, the founder of Airborne Formula, Victoria McDowell, has purchased four of my pieces, and I was commissioned by the Steven Seagal family to decorate a “Buddy the Dog” sculpture for the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County’s annual fund-raiser.

My primary media are oil and acrylic painting, and photography.  In addition, I have a broad body of work in watercolors, pastels, textiles, and mosaics.  Philosophically, it is my strong belief that to interact with a piece of art is to become a participant in its existence.  The true joy of this craft is in observing my work reflected in the reactions of those around me…I respectfully invite you to participate in my creations.

Warmest Regards,

Dana in Memphis
Fine Art and Photography

Specializing in children's and fashion photography and commissioned artwork

Phone: (901) 483-1529

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              Every child is an arist. The problem is how to remain an artist once she grows up."
- Pablo Picasso