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Our company is your best source for value-driven, global turnkey  professional services.

Established in 1989 and online since 1998, we have over a decade of  collective knowledge and experience that  give us a unique advantage in providing professional services to growing companies.  We are able to provide the most value and innovation per dollar spent by providing a satisfaction guarantee for every service provided.
              It's usually a risk, trusting another company with the reputation we have
                  worked so hard to earn. But in this case, there was never a doubt.
- Lijue Alvarez, The Alvarez Group
Dana in Memphis
Fine Art and Photography

Specializing in children's and fashion photography and commissioned artwork

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              An artist is not paid for her labor, but for her vision."
- James McNeill Whistler
A parable for the consumer:

There was a very profitable textile manufacturing plant that relied entirely upon its advanced-technology machines to churn out fabric at blazing speeds.  One evening, the machines simply stopped working.  As the staff engineers worked through the night to troubleshoot, the plant manager paced the floor in desperation…every hour the machines weren’t working meant an enormous loss of profit.  After two full days of unsuccessful attempts to identify the problem, the manager called in an outside expert – a woman known for both her technical expertise and her steep fees.  The woman arrived quickly and immediately began to remove panels from the machines’ outer structures.  She turned a few knobs and pushed a few buttons.  Within 15 minutes, the machines all sprung back to life, causing a collective cheer to rise up in the plant.  The woman shook the manager’s hand, handed him a bill, and left.  When the plant accountant received the bill, it simply stated that payment was due in the amount of $10,000 dollars.  The accountant called the woman and explained that, with a bill this size, the plant required her to itemize her fees…especially since she had only spent a grand total of 15 minutes on the job.  The woman agreed and sent the following itemized bill:

• Turning a few knobs and pushing a few buttons:           $1.00
KNOWING which knobs to turn and which buttons to push:$9,999.00

For anything of qualitative value, it is always that “something extra” you are paying for…something that you cannot get anywhere else.  You will find that here.

Art Pricing
It is extremely difficult to price art...it is the most subjective realm.  However, in order to alleviate this difficulty, my basic rule of thumb is as follows:

  • Paintings cost roughly $1.00 per square inch of canvas.
(for example, a 40" x 40" canvas would cost approximately $1600.00)

Of course, this will depend on whether the purchase is a completed piece or commissioned work, the amount of detail required, the type of paint required, the deadline requested, and whether or not you are a blood relative.

  • Half of the amount is due prior to painting / The balance is due upon delivery of the painting.

Please contact me by phone, email, or via the form on the home page so we can discuss your needs.

Photography Pricing
(Any photography session booked after 7 October 2011 will be at the new price below.)

My photography pricing is more straightforward.  Unlike most photographers in the business, I do not price per individual photograph or offer complex packages.  Life is too short to constantly deal with reprints, and technology these days is making it easier to do it yourself anyway...  I charge a flat rate as follows:

  • One photography session costs $800.00.  This includes:
- Customer consultation to discuss locations, attire, expectations, etc.
- On location shoot that will last approximately 90 minutes
- 20 to 25 digitally edited photos delivered within 3 weeks of the shoot
- 1 complimentary photo DVD of all edited photos that can be used and shared at your leisure
(again, an outright rarity in the business - extra DVDs can be purchased for $25 each)
- I do not offer prints, but I can recommend reputable print shops
- I retain all photographic rights for use in marketing and advertising for my business

  • $400.00 (half of the price) is due prior to shooting / $400.00 (the balance) is due upon delivery of the photo DVD.

  • My specialties are in fashion photography, senior portraits, children's photography, and small family sessions.  I shoot primarily in natural lighting, which means timing (as with most things in life) is an important component of the photo session.  I will charge more for large families (greater than 5 people), or locations that require above average travel (over 25 miles from the greater Memphis area).

Please contact me by phone, email, or via the form on the home page so we can discuss your needs.